A Summer Weekend

A Summer Weekend

Saturday was looking to be a big nothing day when I remembered that the Olympic Kennel Club holds its premier dog show in the middle of August. I looked up the dates, and sure enough, the show was on. June, Liddy, and I gathered our kit and headed out. An opportunity to reconnect with our friends in the dog world.

We did meet up with and chatted up several of our friends which was really nice. Always good to hear positive news from friends as they grow their business.

Action Sports

I was dissapointed to learn that the agility trials had happened the weekend prior. I love shooting that action sport. We enjoy the breed conformance trials, but they aren’t quite as exciting.

Dock Diving was still happening, however. In 2019, there were two pools set up for this event. This year, only one. We sat and watched some newbies, some amateurs, and the grand master, Sounder, leap from the pier into the pool. The newbies would balk at the edge, crying, but not daring to take the leap. The amateurs would put in a valiant jump, achieving distances of ten to twelve feet. Then Sounder came by, leapt up and away, always clearing twenty feet. His form just screams for a cape flowing from his collar.

A dog leaps from a pier into a swimming pool of water.
Sounder leaps from the dock at the Olympic Kennel Club Dog Show’s Dock Diving Competition. Sounder owns the North American record for distance at over 29 feet.

Sounder currently holds the title for longest Dock Dive and has a place in the Guiness Book of Records.


We set a simpler pace on Sunday. We drove out past Enumclaw to Nolte State Park. The small lake has an easy one point four mile walk around it. A good way to use our morning.

A young lady was enjoying a paddle across the lake as we set out. It makes me wish we had one.

Maybe closer to a log than a stick, Liddy loves to fetch a stick thrown into the water. It’s an excuse to go for a swim.

Liddy didn’t need a paddle board; she’s not keen on dock diving; she just brought us a stick to throw from the beach. Any excuse to get in the water.

So, a nice, relaxing, summer weekend. We hope you enjoyed yours.

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