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  • At Umtanum Creek

    At Umtanum Creek

    California Big Horn looks back across the valley.

  • Snow Bird

    Snow Bird

    A double entendre. In Canada we call those who travel south to the southern states like Arizona, for the winter, Snow Birds. This Snowy Owl must have heard of the behavior and has travelled south from the artic tundra down to sunny Washington, finding a perch to bask in the winter sun near Ocean Shores.

  • Lazuli Bunting

    Lazuli Bunting

    This Lazuli Bunting was captured beside the Orting Trail just outside the village of South Prairie. I was riding by when the flash of blue caught my eye.

  • Spring Freshette

    Spring Freshette

    Runoff from the winter snows cascades down the face of a cliff in Mt Rainier National Park

  • I Think This is Private Property

    I Think This is Private Property

    Liddy checks out the notices that we are about to enter private property. Some years ago, you could get a permit from Hancock Forest Products to hike in and around their Enumclaw, WA tree farm. There is a small cascading waterfall in there that I have photographed in the past and would like to again.… Continue Reading: I Think This is Private Property

  • Tillamook Light

    Tillamook Light

    Waves crash against Tillamook Rock north of Cannon Beach Oregon.

  • Sleeping Lion

    Sleeping Lion

    A sea lion rests comfortably on the backs of some of its friends. On the docks of Westport, WA.

  • The Great Arch

    The Great Arch

    Follow Utah Highway 9, the Zion-Mt Carmel Highway, and you will see this magnificent arch just to the east as you enter the Zion-Mt Carmel Tunnel.

  • Sea Dragon

    Sea Dragon

    The surf at Cape Disappointment provides an endless variety of shapes and forms to the photographer. This one reminds me of a dragon assaulting a Medieval Castle

  • Last Embrace

    Last Embrace

    An old, dead, Juniper is supported by the branches of a young, healthy one. I first posted this photo here two years ago this month. It seemed very appropriate for the beginning of the Pandemic. I don’t think it has lost its impact on me yet.

  • Pines in the Canyon

    Pines in the Canyon

    Tall pine trees stand dwarfed by the surrounding hoodoos in the Amphitheater at Bryce Canyon NP

  • View From Sunset Point

    View From Sunset Point

    This is in Bryce Canyon National Park. In the background are the mountains of Grand Staircase Escalante National the midground on the left is “The Sinking Ship” and in the foreground on the right, “Thor’s Hammer”

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