To Resign

To Resign

To resign. To retire. To leave the game.

Is this the same as to quit?

I quit my photo club last week. I was backed up against the wall. I had choices. There are always choices. The trouble is if the chosen path will cause more mistrust and bad feelings and destruction amongst the membership, then what is the point? What have you accomplished? You have accomplished the very thing you were trying to prevent.

By leaving, I feel I am deserting my friends. Leaving it to them to pick up the pieces. On the other hand, by leaving, my friends will have pieces to pick up.

Was my position the right one? Did I occupy the high ground? No. But my opponents are no more right or wrong than I. We just have a different opinion of where the correct path lies. I could have chosen to bulldoze through to my preferred path, but it would have made a big ditch. I was not prepared to create a ditch that would require a bridge.

I chose to resign from the game.

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