A child enjoys the unique experience of walking on water in a balloon at the Washington State Fair.

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Walking on water

We have been hanging out at the Washington State Fair these past weeks, so we haven’t been out shooting the grand, or not so grand, landscapes.

We have been experimenting on our breaks, however. This shot of a youngster enjoying the novelty of walking over the water in a balloon looked like fun. It was shot with the Canon R6 and the 100-500 lens. It was also handheld at 1/800th of a second, f/8, ISO 25600.

I used Topaz Denoise AI to process the raw image before processing in Lightroom. Did not do much processing in Lightroom. The balloons lend themselves to this situation – all the scuff marks help to hide any noise that may be present.

Still, I am pleasantly impressed.

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