Liddy and Dave at Bradley Lake Park in Puyallup WA.
Photo courtesy of Chris Adams, (

Liddy and Dave thank you for stopping by.
Liddy is an Australian Cattle Dog / Australian Shephard mix. She acts as Dave's Service Dog because he has impaired hearing.  Liddy goes most everywhere with Dave, so expect to see her in these galleries.
Dave is a retired IT hack. He enjoys tinkering with technology and is passionate about photography. Dave is also excited to get outdoors. The combination of exploring the outdoors and photography is what generates the content of this site. 
Because we live and love the Pacific Northwest, we have chosen to call this site Northwest Moments. You may notice however that we don't constrain ourselves to just the Northwest. We will take our camera anywhere.
Rover Dave
Dave has an account on the Medium long-form publishing platform. If you would like to hear some of the back stories to these photos, look for him at
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Below is a collection from Liddy's personal album.
Image courtesy of Chris Adams (
Image courtesy of Chris Adams (
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